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Los Angeles is California’s liveliest city, entertainment capital of America, with megastar wattage and nonstop activities. See a movie star. Sip a cocktail on a rooftop bar on Sunset Blvd. Slip on a pair of designer shoes in an ultra-luxurious boutique in Beverly Hills. Visit the beaches, explore world-class museums, or dance the night away in a starlet-filled club. The bright lights and big-city allure of Los Angeles metropolis. Here, A-list celebrities really do walk the sidewalks, triple-shot machiattos in one hand, cell phones in the other. Discover inviting neighborhoods, incredible museums, and shopping hot spots. And when the sun sets, L.A. comes to life in a whole new way, with clubs thumping to the beat of the latest indie band. Rooftop restaurants, bars, and pools draw slinky-sexy crowds, while searchlights arc through the night sky, announcing the latest silver-screen premier.

With a dedicated concierge team based in Los Angeles, eLUXE has a wealth of experience with concierge & lifestyle management services in Los Angeles and maintains numerous partnerships and affiliations with L.A based partners. eLuxe is proud to serve clients in Los Angeles and offers a wide variety of corporate and personal concierge services in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. By capitalizing on exclusive partnerships and service agreements, eLUXE is able to cater to any concierge service request in Los Angeles; from luxury car rentals, luxury property rentals, chauffered limousine services to a personal shopping experience in the City of Angels.

eLUXE is committed to providing you with exceptional concierge services in Los Angeles and around the globe. Our Los Angeles based staff are available and ready to help you with any concierge/lifestyle need in L.A. Contact details for our Los Angeles based management team are listed below.

To experience the simplicity and convenience of our Los Angeles based concierge services feel free to submit a request or for immediate assistance call us direct at
+ 1 (305)796-2121, our concierge specialists are able to answer your questions (24) hours a day, (7) days a week, (365) days a year.

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